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What temperature blood must to have before transfusion

Altin Altin (New) New

We know blood bag must to stay in fridge up to transfusion. Before applying transfusion should warm blood bag at the appropriate temperature in in a container with water. What do you think: what temperature should be the water?What temperature

bag blood should have before transfusion?


RedWeasel, RN

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I have never placed a bag of blood in water. Water has germs and sterile water would have germs as soon as you put the bag in the water as the outside of a blood bag is not sterile. If you spike a bag that was in water I worry about contamination...even if the spike port had been sealed off. That is our facility though. Others may differ.

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If blood needs to be warmed for transfusion you can use a blood warmer. I have used these when transfusing infants. I have never heard of warming the bag of blood in water.

loriangel14, RN

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You do not need to warm the blood by any means unless it is ordered so. Then you would use a blood warming unit. Otherwise you just give it as is.