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What would you do?

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I'm working on a med surg floor and I've been out of orientation for about a month. I work mostly 7p-7a. The 2nd shift charge nurse sucks, she doesn't check off orders like she is supposed to. As a result, very important scans or labs or meds and even blood transfusions weren't done until I noticed they weren't checked off around midnight. I've had several times where orders were written around 3pm and she doesn't have them checked off at 11pm. We have a secretary but she's new and is making mistakes, so some stuff has gotten missed. Of course the results came back bad and I got to call physicians in the middle of the night over the results. Everyone complains about her. We honestly don't know what she does while she's there. I've noticed that when people complain about other employees nothing seems to get done at my place of work. I am getting totally dumped on every day during the week I work with this charge nurse. I'm not the only one but being new, it's causing some issues. What do you think I should do?

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