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What is a Rehab/SNF screener????


I am considering a position as a rehab/snf screener.I am wondering does anyone know what all this position entails ,if it is similar to case management? Also,what is the average salary for this position?


Is this a liaison position?

I currently do liaison work and case management for my rehab unit. Part of the liaison position is evaluating referrals. As part of those duties, I perform an assessment and speak with my medical director about the patient. Sometimes the therapy staff seeing the patient in acute care will make their recommendation. I also can let the MD know what my gut is after meeting the patient and family. Sometimes we're on the same page, sometimes not so much. But, after speaking with my director, I always make a recommendation to the acute care CM or SW.

As far as salary, I'm paid hourly, but for 40 hours. I routinely work 45-50 per week. I know the staff nurse are making more than I am, since I'm not getting paid for every hour I work.