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What to put under "additional information" in application?


I don't have any gaps or negatives to explain away. Any suggestions on how to use this space?

Concerto_in_C, BSN, RN

Specializes in Medical-Surgical, Telemetry/ICU Stepdown. Has 8 years experience.

Put nothing in that space, leave it blank. Don't feed the recruiters ammunition they can use against you to screen you out. Strong resumes are very short and concise. Weak resumes are too elaborate.

The key to writing a simple & effective resume: years of experience. It's hard to fake your way into good jobs in nursing, certainly not by elaborate resumes full of nothing.

Healthcare is a tough industry, I've been an RN since 2008 and am still insecure about certain things and personal traits and flaws I possess, so don't feel bad if you are lacking confidence. Everybody's been there. It's a daily struggle to hopefully grow and learn something new.

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