What pumps have you used?

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1. What IV pumps does your hospital use? (Baxter, Alaris, Hospira...)

2. What other pumps have you used?

3. Which have you seen the most of in your career?

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I started with these bad boys:


Since those are no longer available or even supported the places I've worked use the Sigma Spectrums.



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Thank you, I look forward to other responses. After reading a research article, those three seem to be the most popular, but I haven't found anyone who actually uses the Hospira Plum A pumps. I used them once at an older hospital, but I wonder if they are being phased out. 


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Yeah, I’m that old. The bottom one was super high-tech at the time. 

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Double post


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We use Hospira Plum. I'm not a fan. I'm very comfortable with Alaris, but was disappointed that my new (and better) employer uses Hospira. They seem overly complicated to me, and what a pain trying to find the programmed meds.