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What are the pros/con's of accelerated MSN programs?


Hey everyone!

I am in my second year of college at a school that does not have a nursing program (UGA). That being said, we don't have the best resources for advice about nursing school. I would really love to graduate from Georgia, but I also know that's not a very time-efficient plan as far as getting my BSN.

I haven't totally ruled out transferring, but I've heard a few things about accelerated MSN programs for people that have a non-nursing degree. This seems like the perfect option considering that I eventually want to be a family nurse practitioner, but I want to know more! If anyone has taken this path/knows anything about it I would love to know the pros and cons vs going the traditional route. Also are these type of programs harder to get into? Any advice helps! Thanks!!


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You will find passionate arguments for both sides of the "non-traditional" debate for NPs. Most of it really depends on the individual: you plans for the future, your financial situation, your scholastic aptitude, and your ambition.

In my professional experience precepting students there are some excellent and some challenging non-traditional students just as there are traditional students.