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What is the NC2 course called (the one to skip if you are an LPN)


Is it the health safety one?

The nursing concepts exams are not currently named (as in the past). They can be distnguished from one another by their content. According to the catalog (which can be downloaded), NC2 covers the following areas: nutrition, elimination, oxygenation, fluid and electrolyte balance, activity and mobility, rest and sleep. The nursing concepts exams have roughly followed the same content areas over the years and do not change very much. On Oct. 1, they split one of the exams into two. Check with the school's website for up to date info and to download current study guides for the test you are preparing to take: http://www.excelsior.edu.


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I just received a new catalog today, prior to Oct 1,07. NC 2 was just that NC 2, however after the changes have taken place it is now called Health Differences, code # 489 and covers everything as stated above. Hope this helps:)

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