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What Motivates You?

by KarlettaK KarlettaK (New) New

I am looking for innovative ways to retain home care nurses. What keeps you doing home care when the hospitals (usually) pay more? What does your company offer that others do not?


Has 18 years experience.

For the first time ever I work for an agency that offers PTO and pays for 4 hours if shift is canceled with no notice. Nice perks!

I love my coworkers and working in a rural area. My agency is actually part of a hospital so the pay is competitive. I stay because I love meeting people where they are in their familiar environments.

An example of what not to do: no matter what the perk or benefit, do not give it to one employee and not do the same for other employees that qualify for that benefit. Word gets around. You create disappointed employees who have one more reason to find a better employer.

Also: 4 hours of paid time for cancelled shifts is not a perk; in CA it is called reporting time pay (or show-up pay) and is required to be paid by law.

Flex schedule.

Long leash (earned!)

Own (consolidated as possible) territory.

Office support.

Those 4, give me that and you've got my loyalty.