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What does an MDS coordinator do?

by Ipaq Ipaq Member

Hi. I was just recently in disability because I had severe right shoulder pain. MRI showed c6-c7 herniation. EMG showed weakness on my right hand. I was having symptoms of numbness and pain on the right arm. I am currently working on a very high acuity step down neuroscience floor which most of the patients are physically heavy. I am planning to move to another dept which is an MDS Coordinator. Any advice on what this job is all about?

Ruas61, BSN, RN

Specializes in MDS/ UR. Has 39 years experience.

Look over the threads already here and check the FAQ tab for this sub-forum.

You could also check out AANAC site.

Frankly, I am mystified that you are going to be an MDS coordinator without having an inkling of anything about it.

It is in your best interest is to do your due diligence and check out information on the web and even better hook up with a real life nurse doing MDS particularly where you are transferring too.