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What master's degree do you want/going for/already completed and why?


I haven't seen an updated forum asking this question. I am curious what master's degree you want to go for/ are already in/ or already did and why?

what was your background in nursing

what are you doing with this degree now?

How is the job market in the degree you are going to obtain?

just a curious thread!

thank you!!

I am currently in a masters of nursing science and health care leadership program. After 20 years of moving around through different specialties, I was in need of renewal and new tools/ideas for the next 20. I interviewed nurses who had their masters to determine why they did what they did and what they decided to get the masters in and why. It was unclear whether one masters was more advantageous than another. The program I chose is broad covering public health policy, leadership, research, education, informatics. I considered on-line programs,but felt I needed the in person human engagement that classroom learning provides. This was a great decision. It's been challenging, but fantastic. Don't exactly know what I will do after graduation,but immediately I learned things that I could apply to my current job.