What makes flight nurses different?

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Hi. I am a BSN student in Houston, TX and I am really interested in flight nursing. I would like to know what makes a flight nurse diffrerent from the rest of the flight crew and other critical care nurses. Thank you for your input.




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As a flight nurse, I think that the one prevaling factor is the willingness to take charge...of everyone and everything and be able to communicate that in a very short but precise and controlled manner.

You have other medical persons to tell what is happening and what needs to be done and you have the pilot who needs to have no doubt as to what you need and you also have to give an idea to the physician backing your orders what is needed. Along with that, the receiving nurse and physician needs to be given a report that is quick and accurate.

Summary: the ability to take charge and the skills and experience to know what you are taking charge of.


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