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What is it like to be a NICU nurse in TX

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Hi all! My husband and I are considering on moving to TX in 2021-2022. We currently live in CA, I am a RN with 2 years of nicu experience at a level 3 nicu. I only have my ADN but do plan on getting my bachelors soon. I wanted to know what it is like to be a NiCU nurse in Texas. What are the best hospitals/ cities to live in. We have two kiddos and want to buy a home in a good area with good schools. Any suggestions? I have never been to Texas and have always live in CA. We would prefer a more culturally diverse area with hospitals near by. Also, Maybe share what your unit/hospital is like. What the work environment is like,  I have only worked in CA and I know we are pretty spoiled. Our ratios are never higher that 1:3 on our unit (feeders growers). The more info the better! All advice and suggestions are welcome! 

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