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What king of pay can I expect at the VA?

duschafe duschafe (New) New

Hello all,

I am awaiting for the final offer from the VA in Indianapolis and I am curious as to how they grade you. I have 4 years of nursing experience in PACU, PCU, med/surg and Tele. I was a travel nurse for 1 year and have maintained all licenses and certifications. Any help from current VA or prior VA nurses welcome!!!


Specializes in Cardiac (adult), CC, Peds, MH/Substance.

The job postings are very specific about what's needed for each pay grade.

I worked for the VA and there is no way to give you an estimate..all of the information you submitted - work history, education, certifications, etc is looked at as well as prior military or prior working for the VA..then an offer is given. I was very pleased w/the salary I made while working here.


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