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What kind of car would you want?


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We recently had a thread about favorite cars for nurses. Some of my staff like Subarus, Chevys, Fords or Dodges. And we all know when we've been poor students that getting a new car had to wait. So, if money wasn't a factor, what kind of car would you want?

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I start my nursing program in January and hope and hope that my car makes it thru. Getting a new car is on the top of my list for things I will buy once I start working as a nurse. I would love a Hybrid Honda Civic or one of those cool electric cars.


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I've been really happy with my Prius C. Can't beat the mileage or the "parkability". Now that I'm all over the place doing home infusions and such, I live in that car, and I love the mileage. It's also a comfortable care, which is nice.

I have kids....and dogs....to haul all over creation so large vehicles are what fits our family. If money were no object I'd have a fully loaded Toyota Sequoia...I've been a little spoiled in the car department in the past few years by my lovely husband :D he got me used to the comforts like heated seats and remote start and navigation. I spend a LOT of time in my car so I like to be comfortable there lol.

rubato, ASN, RN

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A Tesla S, if money was no object. But, I love my Subaru Legacy.

Toyota 4 Runner.. Pearl white, blacked out windows, all the extras!

ParkerBC,MSN,RN, PhD, RN

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2014 Dodge Ram 1500 4X4 fully loaded. Love it!

2013 Chevy Tahoe LTZ for my hubby and a 2015 Honda Accord Sport (BLACK) for me! Sharing a car has been ugh for so long! We DESERVE something nice and separate!

A Tesla S, if money was no object. But, I love my Subaru Legacy.

Subaru rocks! My husbands is a 2014 and handles better than any car I've driven. Love me a Subaru!

edmia, BSN, RN

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Great question! If money was no object a Tesla for sure. They're coming out with an SUV version...

If it were available in electric, then an Audi Q7.

Or both.

I love Teslas, but the mileage range is bad for a person like me who needs/wants to go on numerous road trips every year without having to sit at a charging station. If I could have two cars, that would be #2. I love the cars that Volvo has been coming out with lately, so that might be my #1.

Honestly though, I just got a 2015 Honda Fit EX in September, and I don't feel like I could have gotten a better car for the price. It's the perfect balance between affordability, size, cargo space, pep, and tech features. My fiance and I like to go to the drive-in on the rare weekend that I'm not swamped with homework or studying, and with the rear seats folded flat and the hatch open, it's perfect for that. The cargo space is huge for the size of the car, and that makes it the ideal vehicle for camping trips where we schlep a lot of gear with us. The gas mileage makes it great for road trips, and the tech keeps me entertained during my boring commutes. In reality, if money were no object, I'd probably just dump a ton of money into my Fit to make it everything I want aesthetically, and then be happy with it for the next decade.

My first choice is a Toyota Tundra V8. I have a small 50's travel trailer that I'm going to restore, so I need something to pull it with. My second choice would be a new VW Passat TDI. My wife has a gas Passat, and that car is so good looking and comfortable, but I want that extra mileage since we love to travel. I'd also be interested in any Ford SuperDuty diesel, or the new half ton Dodge V6 diesel pick-up.

Of course, there's my dream car that will take a few years to build: a Ford Model A hot rod powered by a VW TDI motor. I would use this as my commuting vehicle. Adding that engine to a car that weighs half of a Jetta should result in some pretty incredible mileage. And it would look pretty dang cool, too.


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Give me a Mercedes. I just think they show 'I made it'.

Have a nice Toyota - but now I have to look up that Tesla.

With the weather I get and the kid/dogs I tote around...suburu please. With car starter

NurseGirl525, ASN, RN

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I treated myself in January when my divorce was finalized. I had an old trailblazer that was on it's last leg. I bought a loaded 2014 Chevy Traverse. I absolutely love it. Best car I have ever had.

rubato, ASN, RN

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I'm glad there are more Tesla lovers than just me. :)

I've always had a things for GTRs. The MPG is admittedly not the best, but if I'm getting a free car, why not?