What to Include under "Licenses/Certifications"

by triciahoard, ADN (New) New

I'm a newly minted LPN on the job hunt and wrestling with my resume. I worked through school as a CNA, and will be including that in my previous work experience (naturally) but I'm not clear as to whether I should include my CNA certification in my list of cert's. Would that be redundant? Is it irrelevant since I am now licensed as an LPN?

My list of certifications also currently includes some things that I'm not sure whether to tailor to individual applications- Breastfeeding peer counselor, childbirth educator, contraceptive counselor. Obviously these could be of interest when applying to, say, an OB office, but if I'm applying to something less maternal/infant health based is that just extraneous or is it maybe a positive to include anyway?

Thanks for any input!