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What Illinois colleges are less competitive for getting into (BSN) nursing school?

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Does anyone know the actual averages of gpas of Illinois BSN nursing schools and not just what it may say as their minimum gpa on each website? I need to apply to some schools and not sure which ones are easier or harder to get into. Any help is much appreciated! Private and non-private schools too. Thanks!!!!!!! :)

I don't know about actual gpa rqmts, but based on the people I know who got into programs... I'd say Chamberlain is easy, and perhaps North Park University.

Resurrection University had open enrollment for awhile for fall. I don't know if they are keeping that, but they are pretty easy to get into even without open enrollment.


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I didn't end up going, but I was accepted to Methodist College Of Nursing In Peoria and i think i had a 3.0 at the time.

I think so many schools are easy to get into but u have to take in the cost of program as well as their passing rates.