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What am I doing wrong?

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nursechilespice has 2 years experience as a LPN.

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I’ve been currently working at a CCC facility for alittle over a year, it’s my first facility job (also working as a overnight private duty nurse for about a year and 5 months)

Since graduating in 2017, my goal was to get into acute care in Toronto as an RPN, in the meantime work towards getting my RN online part time- end goal is to work in the ER.

I’ve been taking extra certificates for IV/phlebotomy, med admin, cardiology and health assessment (planning to take more to get a certificate in Er rpn)

I’ve been applying to all hospitals throughout the GTA biweekly for the past 4-5 months... nothing so far, not even a call back for an interview... 

a lot of people I went to these classes with got jobs in acute care within a few weeks... what am I doing wrong? I’ve reviewed, revised, rewritten my resume with 10 different people, am I just missing something? 

i just feel so discouraged, I’m spending so much on certifications and learning and I’m not able to use any thing of what I learned in my current practice... 

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hellohobbit has 1 years experience.

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Hi! I used to work at ER in Toronto and I know there's only a few ways to get into ER

1) consolidated at ER and didn't screw up during your consolidation

2) have a few years of medsurg experience

3) have previous ER experience from other provinces or ON hospitals

4) new RN graduates who consolidated at an acute setting, have ACLS, CC1 certificates + luck

5) you personally know the manager or the nursing educator

and I know a few hospitals are hiring RPNs on medicine floors/NRT but they only hire those who did their consolidation on that floor or had other acute experiences, unfortunately it's very competitive for RPNs to find a job in the hospitals, GL!



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xmaaay is a BSN and specializes in Operating Room.

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I wouldn't take more courses to be honest.  The only thing I would be focused on is getting your RN, you will then be more competitive for hospital jobs as there are more RN jobs than RPN jobs.

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