What should I do about my CNA job during an ABSN program?


Has 5 years experience.

I first want to say that I like my job and the people that I work for. My boss was gone but talked to another nurse in charge. They offered me an ROC (relief on call) job for October. My friend that did the same ABSN said it was too hard to meet the requirements and fit in hte shifts with his school schedule. Everyone at work is saying you could work 4 hour shifts to work 24 hours a month.

The real problem is that I also officiate soccer and work once a month at the YMCA. They have been lenient now with COVID and I haven't worked. I really enjoy getting the free membership to workout. I thought about dropping my CNA job at the hospital. I also won't be officiating in the Winter. Any advice? I just cannot say no.

I'm really struggling with what