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What does a HH Case Manager do?

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by mommy2boysaz mommy2boysaz (Member)

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I really am not even sure what case management is in any setting. I've worked OB for 10 years, but am looking into a job as a Case Mgr for a home health agency. Also, for those who've done hospital and home health, is the pay comparable? How do you get reimbursed for mileage?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Pay: I was just offered $37 per hour. The hospital I just left offers around $35 for new hires with experience.

Mileage: yes, current reimbursement in CA is about .43 a mile.

Case Manager: responsible for a pt load and has a team of staff to delegate to: other RNs, LVNs, CNA/HHAs.

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