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What happens after you pass the NCLEX???

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Now that I pass I was wondering what do we get?? Do they send me my license by mail or do I have to go somewhere to get it like you do with a driver's license??

Im sorry I graduated in Puerto Rico and the way we do things overthere are a little different. Im an RN there and we have to go get a license in a place were they take your pic and give you like a ID type of card with your license # and picture.

I couldnt work here in PA because since I graduated in Puerto Rico, I couldnt get a temporary permit here in PA. So all this time Ive been working as a Home Health Aid getting paid $8hr and counting every single penny througout the month to pay bills. Ive need to find a RN job STAT!! Is it okay if I start applying for jobs now that I have passed the Nclex even though I dont have my license???

If anyone from PA Lehigh Valley area, is there any place I could get a job fast without waiting too long for an interview??

Thanks all :mad::D

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They should send you a license (if the state still issues physical (paper/plastic) licenses -- more and more states are abandoning the practice), but, once you are "official," that should appear on the state BON website, even before you receive a license in the mail, and that is all that is necessary -- potential employers can verify through the website that you are licensed (you can check your status, as well, by going to the website and using the "verify license" function).

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