What did i get myself into?!?

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Hello everyone, I just recently decided to pursue a BSN. I just graduated with a Bachelors in History/Minor in Education and then all of a sudden, 3 weeks ago, I decided to go back to school 1) because nursing is what i originally wanted to do, and 2) because during my internship for my last degree i realized it just wasnt for me. Anyway..... i registered and this is what I'm taking. I have no other option because these are the only prerequisites i have left.





Fundamentals of Nutrition

Im leaving AP2 for the summer

I know its going to be difficult but I'm usually a good student. (I graduated with a 3.8 this past May) I don't work but i have 2 kids (3 and 1) and I'm 2 months pregnant. My husband and mom have always been a great help throughout my education but it still worries me that these classes are going to be too difficult. Are they hard or are they just time consuming? Am i crazy for taking all these courses at once? Which ones do i need to watch out for the most? Im soooooo scared :eek:



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can you take a/p or micro in summer two? Is it too late to register for all the summer classes?

That does seem like a lot to take when you have two kids. I've taken micro and a/p1 and 2 and they are all very time intensive. A/p 1 isn't too hard but it's a lot of memorization!



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A&P is not hard but it is incredibly time consuming!!



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Oh my goodness!! I would so be in over my head!! The best of luck to you!!! Lol

not only are the classes tough..but some of the overlapping material might be hard on you!! Did you talk to an advisor at your school or anything?!



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WOW! Micro, A&PI, AND chemistry???? Yeah you will definitely have your hands full. I hear micro is tough, chemistry can be tough, and A&P I like Tmowry said isnt hard but its definitely time consuming. So you will have three labs a week, 3 lectures a week, and nutrition isnt hard. I hope you wont be working. Good luck, the class you will have to watch out for the most is Micro. I wouldnt recommend taking more than two sciences, but if your one of those people that doesnt need to study a lot and has good time management skills then go for it.



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Actually it depends on the school and your professor. Because I found A&P I e to be interesting, it took some time but I only had this class once a week so maybe that's why it wasn't that time consuming. I also found Micro to be easy but that's because of my professor. Chem would depend on the type of chem class, organic sucked but I made a B+ in the class so I was satisfied.

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In my school, chem is a pre req to biochem. If its not in your school, that may be a little hard for you. The others I could handle.



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Am i crazy for taking all these courses at once?

Yes. I would advise you to drop the Micro.



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This is tough for anyone. BUT- If this is a kind of 'all or nothing' time for you, you CAN do it. If you have family support, you can do it. If you have deadlines your trying to make I'd say do it, so you don't miss any.

YOU can do what you put your mind to!! :)


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nope. having this much coursework is going to get you prepared for nursing school- you will have this much, if not more, and it will be way harder.

you can do it!

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For the fall semester, even though it looks like you are taking 4 classes, but when you factor in all the labs, you're actually taking 7 classes. Each lab for the sciences is like taking an additional class. I'm not sure if it's the same for all labs, but we had a quiz first thing before the start of each lab.

I took A&P 1 & Micro together and then Chem and A&P2 together.

Good luck to you.



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Actually I don't know if its my school only but, micobiology doesnt have a lab thankfully.