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What to FNP's wear to work?

by SaraKS_88 SaraKS_88 (New) New Nurse Student

Specializes in Surgery/Primary Care. Has 5 years experience.

Hi all,

I have my BSN.  2.5 years med surg exeperience.  I have been in surgery 1.5 years.  I am working on my MSN to become an FNP.  I am about halfway through my program.  I really dislike wearing business casual clothing.  I hope when I become an NP I can wear scrubs.  I like scrubs because they are easy to wash and clean, comfortable and easy to move in.  Especially with covid and the fact that NPs take care of people with contagious disease I feel scrubs with a lab coat is the way to go.   However, I am aware many NPs wear business attire similar to physicians to look professional.  I think wearing scrubs with a lab coat could still look professional.  Any thoughts on this matter?  What do all of you NPs wear?