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What exactly does this mean?


  • Identify a complete list of clinical and psychosocial data under the appropriate nursing diagnosis

What exactly do they want me to do? Do they want me to post ALL data in topics regarding the nursing diagnosis or only the data that supports why you made the nursing diagnosis to begin with?

Daytonite, BSN, RN

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it sounds like they want you to list the defining characteristics (signs and symptoms) classified as to physical and psychosocial for each nursing diagnosis.

is this a question on a care plan form you need to complete? if so, it is referring to the abnormal data, or evidence, you have that has made you decide on that particular diagnosis.

or, is this an assignment to do this for a list of specific nursing diagnoses? the nanda taxonomy contains a suggested lists of defining characteristics for each nursing diagnosis. you can find the taxonomy in a nursing diagnosis reference book and in the appendix of current editions of taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary.

diane227, LPN, RN

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God I hated this stuff in school. I am soooo glad I don't have to do this stuff any more.