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I have a question. I have a BS in Business and want to go back for nursing. I always wanted a Ph.D cause I would like to teach. Being new to the nursing field, I wonder what my options are? I mean can I go right for a ND? I know I can go for a direct entry MSN. I want to get done with school so I can pursue my career. If I go for a ND, do I get a master's? I need help figuring this out.



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I'm not sure, Ask the college advisor.....A business degree will certainly help; I am currently looking into getting a minor in business while getting my BSN. If I could I would go for the BIG degree, but I simply can't at this time. It saves a lot of headaches later on.

Good Luck.


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I don't know what an ND is, but if your goal is to teach, is it to teach nursing specifically or just to teach "something?"

If it is simply to teach, then why not move ahead with a PhD in Business Administration?

If it is to teach in a nursing school, I would re-evaluate this goal. You would be all but starting over in this field, would need some relevant experience in addition to getting initials put after your name, AND would take a pay cut in order to teach in stead of choosing other alternatives that would be available to you with a PhD in nursing.

What about moving ahead in healthcare administration, public health administration, hospital administration, and other business-and-healthcare related areas if you want to incorporate both your business training and something to do with healthcare? Heaven knows the entire healthcare field could stand improvement from the business end of things.


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what sjoe said.

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