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What is considered a competitive score for the TEAS V?

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Yes, I know it varies with school, type of program, and even from quarter to quarter. So tell me what is generally considered good. If you have already been accepted to a TEAS requiring program, what was YOUR score (if you don't mind sharing)? Thanks.

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I took the test today. I have not applied for a program yet.

I scored an 85.3%. My results indicate that this places me in the 95th percentile in the nation.

My test results also show the averages for the nation for each section and subsection.

National averages are as follows:

reading: 70.5%

math: 69%

science: 53.6%

english: 63.8%


Getting above average is always great obviously! Looking at your program's averages(either overall, or for the last session's accepted students) is helpful. If these averages are not online, the school can provide you with this information if you call them.

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