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What if Charged with Crime but not filed, DA Discharged


I was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor in CA, but took a class for it pre-filing diversion, and the prosecutor did not file the case. So I never had to go to court and was never convicted-- no case filed. Since no case was filed, my arrest was changed to a "detention only." Anyone, have experience like this?

What do I put for the conviction and arrest question on the NCLEX-RN application?

Thank you in advance.

I didn't realize they ask about arrests. I thought it was just convictions. Read it again to make sure. I think they ask you if you were ever convicted which would include dismissed convictions but not arrests.

I would read the question in its entirety and carefully. If you still have questions look at the instructions for criminal history.

If you are still worried do a background check through DOJ and FBI to ensure there is nothing on your record.

Best of luck! Let us know what you decide.