What can I expect in LTACH facility as an RN?

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I work now at a nursing home. I would like to be able to start IV's deal with vents, PICC lines, etc. I would like to keep my skills fresh and be able to transfer at some point into the ICU or step down. I'm a new grad & wanted to ask if you do start IV's & deal with vents etc.

Thank you in advance for your help!


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In an LTACH you will definitely have a large amount of patients on vents, you will be giving lots of IV meds and antibiotics, starting your own IVs, usually drawing your own labs, inserting NGT tubes for feeds or decompression, administering blood, monitoring chest tubes, assisting providers with bedside bronchs, and many many complex dressing changes for severe wounds.

It’s HARD work but if you want to develops a skill set it’s definitely the place.