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What do you call a SICU NP?

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Hi! Im an OR nurse applying to Acute Care NP schools because I want to be a Surgical NP(alongside a surgeon) or an NP in a SICU. Are the NPs inside a SICU also called Surgical NPs, Critical NPs or ICU NPs?

Working in a SICU is still in the surgical field, so I didnt know and wanna get the correct naming of the position. 


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Dodongo has 7 years experience as a APRN, NP.

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A surgical intensive care unit / SICU is a critical care environment.  A NP in this setting is a critical care NP or intensive care NP.  If a NP is employed by a surgical service or surgical group, and they scrub in the OR, see patients in the clinic and on inpatient floors, then they are a surgical NP.  

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