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What is the best NCLEX RN study book??

Specializes in NICU.

^What is the best NCLEX RN study book??

I'll be taking it in June 2011.


If you have knowledge of the book can you tell me what sort of stuff is in there? Is it just question/answer/rationale (if included)? Is there a content review section? Is there NCLEX exam taking tips for the computer based exam?

I don't know what is the "best" NCLEX book.. But I used the comprehensive book and cd.. I used it almost everyday.. I was only getting 70-80% I was so afraid I would fail the NCLEX!!! I passed the first time!! I got 85 questions and it took me about an hour and half!! Best of luck!

The best NCLEX book for you is the one that you choose to use. Many use Saunders Comprehensive Review and are successful.

I am currently using the Sauders Comprehensive Review 5th ed. But I also ordered Exam Cram comprehensive & will be using it. Lacharity for priority q's.

I think any review book is good as long as you put the effort into it!


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