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What is the best day in your LPN school?

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Do you still remember the best day that you ever had during your LPN school? Share it now!

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The best day I ever had in nursing school (which was only a year ago now) was when I got to follow the wound nurse at the LTC facility that hired me after I graduated. Instead of making me just watch and not touch anything she had me do all the dressing changes, with her supervision of course. This included wound vacs, g-tube dressing, diabetic foot ulcer, venous stasis ulcers, etc. It was a fantastic experience! It also reinforced my desire to become a wound nurse (which is in the process of happening, just need to wait a little longer).

The other great day I had (which actually was 3 weeks) was when I was doing my preceptorship with the CWOCN at the local hospital. I learned so much about ostomies and I draw on this knowledge base all the time now. Some days I wish I could go back to school, but then I remember the care plans and med cards and decide that my life is a whole lot better now that it's all done and over with haha.