What are some of the best areas to get an RN job?

by KyMani Member

I will be graduating soon and will be an RN. What are some of the better areas in the US to find a job right now? Since looking around on the internet, I'm pretty much open to any ideas.

I would really like to move South (I live in Iowa) but I'm not being picky.


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Hi KyMani,

I am hunting jobs too. In my search over the internet, it seems like Texas and California have the most jobs. Most likely "El Paso." Take a look at those areas.

Good luck!


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There may be a lot of job openings in California, but most of these jobs require at least one year experience. I'm a new grad in Northern California, and it's ridiculously hard to even get an interview, let alone get the job.

Good luck to all the new grad nurses out there.