What is appropriate for Covid-19 precaution?

by Kiroppi Kiroppi Member Pre-Student

Has 3 years experience.

Hello all,

I am a still a student and like many others, my campus has closed for some time due to Covid-19. One of my great friends is flying in from Chicago and landed on Monday night. She does not have any signs and symptoms whatsoever and her city has had tons more cases than mine. However, I am hearing mixed comment if I should visit my friend or not. Others are arguing she was at an airport with a crowd more than 50 (or 10 now). Others are saying that this was a domestic flight and she is not exhibiting any any symptoms so it could be fine. Almost everything except for groceries are closed where I live. Is this a situation where I should not come over? Or would it be fine. (We are planning to meet on Friday).

Stay Safe Everyone!