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WGU RN to MSN, Leadership Mgmt started Nov 1, 2016

Katie0906 Katie0906 (New) New

I just started the RN-MSN program in Leadership amd Management this month. Is anyone with me? I am already considering stepping back and switching to RN to BSN, then deciding later if I want to go for MSN. (I have a very stressful job and busy family life...) Anyone else feeling this way?

I'd love to connect with people with my same timeframe!

AJJKRN specializes in Medical-Surgical/Float Pool/Stepdown.

I'm doing the BSN to MSN and started on Aug 1st. I'm about to have my fifth class done (I think), so it's been taking me about 3 weeks to complete a class. You just got to figure out what needs to be done and bust it out. (I want to get done in under two terms/less than a year)

I didn't do my RN to BSN through WGU but I wish I had. I heard if you separate the programs then it takes longer because you have "dead time" in between passing the BSN and starting the MSN which can be financially detrimental depending on how fast you can get through the classes.

I would see if you can break up later on if needed prior to starting but I doubt it would be allowed.

Good luck!


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