after RN-BSN, any trouble getting into MSN programs?

  1. Hi all WGU students/graduates!

    I'm considering going to WGU for their RN-BSN program, but I am a little concerned about getting into a program of higher education at a different school after graduating with my BSN.

    Specifically, I am concerned about going from WGU with my BSN to Azusa Pacific University or a California State University or maybe even a University of California school for an MSN or NP.

    Is there anyone out there that has attempted this or can lend me some advice?

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!
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  3. by   SoldierNurse22
    Why exactly are you concerned? BSN to MSN is a very common route.
  4. by   BotoxBaby
    I know it's a very common route, but my concern is going from an all online school to a brick and mortar school in my area. Although some schools say as long as they are accredited then it should be fine, I am wondering about the pass/fail-max 3.0 GPA being accepted. Also,some schools like you to complete your education through them and will make you take additional courses or retake some courses. So just wondering if anyone has encountered any problems. The price is right for the school, but sometimes that can come with problems down the road.