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Westchester Community College (WCC) 2014


This is my first post and im not even sure if im posting this in the right area so sorry ahead of time!


I am just finishing up my first semester at WCC. I am taking the prerequisites for the RN program. I plan on taking the TEAS exam in March 2015 and hopefully get in for the 2015 Fall semester.

Here is my issue....*Please no judging* I had alot of personal things go on this semester so i did poorly in my classes....I am going to receive an "F" in Anatomy+Physiology I. I am really stressing out and freaking out because i want to be a nurse so bad. My plan over the summer was to get a good GPA this semester then spend the whole winter break studying for my TEAS exam...

...But...with my bad grades i highly doubt i have a future at this school for Nursing and i just want to know if i should bother studying for the TEAS at all anymore.

If i were to get a great TEAS score...retake A+P I over the spring and take A+P II in the summer would i still have a chance?? Please i need some advice.

I think i posted this in the wrong section...can an admin move this to "New York Nursing" please? thanks