Update on the Strike !

  1. I know many of you think the nurses are back to work at the local ARH facility in
    Beckley but according to our local news last night, the Beckley facility has laid off 17 other service workers and closed a floor because of lack of staff. This was reported on WOAY-TV's evening news program. So the nurses are not working and local people are not crossing the picket lines for care unless they absolutely have to cross it.
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  3. by   barefootlady
    Hello Fellow Poster,
    I know we are all busy with the holiday season, but we need to give a little support to these nurses. I know we seem to think this is only their issue but we know it's not. Nursing is in sad shape here in WV. While I am not a member of any association or special group, I do care about the profession and I think many other out there do also. So, lets talk, get a conversation going.
  4. by   cpnegrad07
    I heard today that they have reached (or will soon) agreement. Let's hope that the 3 MONTHS of suffering have helped us all in the long run. As barefoot says, we need to support the nurses who took this stand--next, it could be you who needs support.