LPN to BSN programs in WV?

  1. Can anyone tell me which WV colleges offer LPN to BSN programs? I start LPN school Jan.2nd. and my intentions are to start a BSN program soon after. I want to get my LPN so I can work while I get my BSN. Any reply is appreciated. Happy Holidays!!!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    The WV Board of Nursing lists several BSN programs on its site, but doesn't identify if any of them have a transition for LPN's.

    Nursing Schools
  4. by   Redneckmedic63
    St Mary's School of Nursing with Marshall University in Huntington offers an LPN to ASN accelerated program. You can then go through BSN at Marshall. Both are excellent programs.
  5. by   mandirocker
    Bluefield State College has an LPN Bridge program.
    2 5-week summer sessions for transition. then complete the AD program in 1 yr., two semesters. I think there is also a LPN to BSN bridge. if you would like, private message me and i will give you some phone numbers and email addresses.