How are the New Grads doing?

  1. Hello New Grads,
    For many of the new grads who have been on their jobs for about 8 weeks now, how do you feel about your experiences as a new grad in orientation? I can remember what nightmare my orientation was, so I hope most of you have had a more positive experience. Has your preceptor been supportative and knowledgeable? Has the HN/CN been helpful or just a PIA?
    Is there a good feeling on the unit? Do older nurses help you or do you feel resentment from them? Come on, let us know the details. I know some positive comments from family on Thomas and St. Mary's. How about others?
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  3. by   MachewRN
    I'm at memorial and everyone has been great. I have been on dayshift up until this week when I'll start nights. My preceptor on days was very good. I feel I've learned a lot from him. He was patient while at the same time being motivating and straight forward about where I need to improve. I'm in an ICU so there aren't many CNAs on our floor. We have one, but she isn't there all the time. She's very helpful when she is there though. I am happy to be going to nights. No more early mornings for me. I could use the extra $ as well.