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  1. OK... Here it is in a nutshell... I live in Alaska and work in a smaller sized facility... <100 beds, and may have to move to WVa due to my wifes families health. If I come back, I will be looking for a position in the "greater Parkersburg area" as an E.D., ICU, CCU R.N. I have been working the last 2 years as a House Supervisor, but have kept my hand in the E.D./ICU arena. Does anyone work at St. Joseph's/CCMH/MMH or in Charleston/Morgantown that could/would give me any type of advice(except RUN!!!) It will probably be late summer/early fall before I HAVE to move back so I am starting early to put out feelers. I actually own property in Wood County, so housing will be no big deal, and I am willing to travel up to 100-150 miles if the pay is good(I have a camper). THANX!
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    St. Joe's has had ICU positions open for a while. For the last month or so they've been offering bonuses and overtime for any floor staff willing to fill the schedule gaps. No clue how long that situation will last though. If you would be open to working as a floor nurse there are always openings and it's unlikely you'd have any issues getting a position.
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    Thanx for your reply... I worked at St. Joes before they sold to HCA and left before Signature, so, am not sure of staffing ratios or anything like that, but, thanx again for the feedback.