1. WHere can I find the required CE requirements for the annual renewal? Do we have to pay for these? I thought they were free? I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
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  3. by   Scottishtape
    Google is your friend..

    West Virginia Board of Nursing State CE Requirements | Nursing Continuing Education Courses


    Registered Nurse License Renewal Continuing Education Requirements

    You have to pay for your CEUs unless you can find them for free (I haven't found many), or work for an organization that offers reimbursement of CEUs.

    Also, if you're in fact an RN, you apparently have 4 days to get them all done and reported to your BON, as well as completing your renewal form.

    Good luck.
  4. by   2bTraumaRN2008
    Well that's a complete ripoff, having to pay for them!!! I did find some, but I do NOT want to pay. I know I have 4 days, can get them done in an hour or so, but just trying to find the mandated ones for FREE!
  5. by   Scottishtape
    Yeah, it sucks. Usually what I do is pay an annual fee (it's like $25 for some websites) and then I have access to everything they offer and knock it out that way.