anyone attend garnett career center?

  1. Hi I've recently been accepted in Garnet Career Centers School of practical nursing in Charleston wv. I'm really excited and nervous, I've heard the program was hard but worth it by one individual. However I'm not sure what to expect in the program. If anyone has attended Garnet could you please tell me what it was like, what's the hardest class, the easiest, what to expect in clinicals, and what you learned that helped you become a good nurse. This would really help me, I don't like going into a new thing and have no idea of what to expect.Thank you.
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  3. by   dream'n
    Hi, just saw your post. Did you start at Garnet yet? I went there many years ago.
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    Pharmacology is hardest course. The instructor will give you guide lines as to what is expected when you begin clinicals. Attendance is a sorespot to many students, missing class/clinicals is not a good thing, not only do you miss needed instruction time but after so many absences, you are dropped from the program. Garnet is a very good school, it is worth the effort and hardwork. Good luck.