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WELCOME HOME allnurses!

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And, we're back! allnurses recently completed the new site launch in January. WOW! Isn't it just beautiful? And, like Robinson Crusoe, we found our way home. At one point in our lives we all decided to become a Nurse. Some days we feel defeated; we want to quit and never look back. Other days, we know we've made significant differences in the lives of our patients and are convinced we've made the right career move. WE ARE NURSES and proud of it. WELCOME to the NEW allnurses.com. Come on in, sit a spell, take your shoes off, and share a story or two.

Thank you RNToBe6956 for the winning caption. :wavey:

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Davey Do has 35 years experience and works as a Behavioral Health RN.

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Congratulations RNToBe6956!

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