Weird question


I looked at doing the CRNA program before applying to FNP and decided FNP was for me. The CRNA programs here are front loaded and you care 15-17 hours each term. I know they don't want you to work (next to impossible). My question is this: In our FNP program, they do not recommend full time which is around 9-10 hours because they say you really need to focus and learn the material in a manner that you will retain it because your job is serious and patients depend on your knowledge. WELL, I work with CRNA's and I know the job they do is very serious so why do CRNA programs demand full time student hours. Just doesn't make sense to me??


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Well it seems to me that your FNP program has it backwards. It's recommended that you do not work so you can focus more on your studies because as you said "your job is serious and patients depend on your knowledge". It's a lot of info in a short amount of time. Part-time wouldn't be ideal in CRNA school, although I believe there is a program with that option...not sure which one.