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Weird hiring process for first time CNA

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Hi all, I'm new to this forum as a newly certified nurses aide. I had an interview at a nursing home, and I thought it went really well! We talked for a long time, told me I had excellent answers, showed me around, and extended an offer to me. I had the interview on a Wednesday, and my interviewer told me she had a couple more people to interview that day, and she would call me to get back to me about orientation that Friday. I also filled out a background check. Well, it was Saturday morning and I still did not get a call, so I called her to follow up and I left a voicemail. Monday rolls around with still no call back, so I called her once again (although very hesitant because I didn't want to seem too needy!!!) and she picked up. I told her who I was and that I interviewed with her the week before. I also asked what timeline I should expect for the hiring process. Turns out she didn't even remember me!! She asked me if we even had an interview and when I would like to work. She said she thought she called everyone back and that orientation was tomorrow. She asked if I could go, and told me what to bring. I just wanted people's opinion on this situation. I'm sure she has had many people to interview between then and now so I kind of understand her forgetting, but I have a weird vibe about management now. Is this a sign that maybe my interview did not go well? Am I overthinking? Is this a sign that they are disorganized and/or does not value their employees? This is a beautiful nursing home and I was really excited to be apart of their team. This is my first job as a CNA so I would appreciate any advice!!

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