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3 Weeks to NCLEX

by mariana8907 mariana8907 (New) New

I was wondering if anyone has any advice for what to focus on in my last few weeks before I take the NCLEX. I've done kaplan, questions and rationales, I'm almost done with the Saunders book and in the process of finishing the Saunders Q&A. I just feel like I need to fine tune my studying but I don't know what to focus on. This is my second attempt at the NCLEX so I am really nervous. Any help is greatly appreciated

When it was nearing my exam, I just focused on my weakest areas. I just read it again and did questions on it.

4 days before my exam, I did the La Charity Priority and Delegation book :) All 18 chapters.

Thanks for the advice. I had to buy that book for school but we never used it so I guess its time to dig it out and look into it :yes: