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Weekend Program

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Hello Wonderful Coworkers!

I am a 13yr experienced L&D RN, who stepped away from bedside nursing to work case management at an insurance company for the hours needed to raise my children. I HATE IT I miss patient care I am a nurse at heart and love to serve others, even the difficult ones! I would like to get a weekend program or 2 day alternative job back on the floor but no one is ringing my phone since I haven't been at the bedside since 2016. Now, I know everyone wants young fresh new grads since they are so moldable! But, can someone point me in the right direction on a weekend position on any area along with the salaries for weekend program. I am making a lot of money at this insurance company but want the freedom of 5 days a week off. I also know culture has shifted with the influx of new nurses born in the 80's and 90's so real nursing and team players don't exist anymore just everyone on their cell phones and not talking to each other. But, I am a quick learner and still in excellent shape and get along with many so I am willing to return to patient care my true love.


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