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at the week and the half to the NCLEX exam day

by Yamniyou Yamniyou (New) New

my NCLEX exam day is about a week and a half. I scored the practice questions I did so far between 50 and 65%. I was wondering if I need to focus on the questions I did already since or I still have to keep doing new practice questions? please, Some advice. Thank you


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Study questions (topics) that you are weak in. Do not waste your time on areas that you have a no problems understanding. Also, don't keep answering questions that you already know the answer to. Keep the questions fresh.

Take the day before the test off. If you can't pass the test by that point, it is too late. Get a good night's sleep and eat a quality meal before the test in order to keep the brain cells at peak performance.

I had a NCLEX on Dec 5, 2020. I answered all 145 questions. I had the results on Dec 7, 2020. and the result was negative. I really don't know how to process in order to correct my mistakes and pass the NCLEX the next time. I have been doing Kaplan and U world. May be I am using wrongly those material. I don't know. 

I want to schedule the NCLEX in 45 days.

Please help.

thank you