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WCU ABSN inteview

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by helpabsn helpabsn (New) New Student

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Hi everyone, 


I really really want to do well on my interview that I have with WCU this upcoming week for their ABSN program.  I was wondering if anyone went through the process and could share their experience or what questions they were asked.  The email said the interview is going to be around 10 minutes which doesn't seem like that much time.  


Also I have read some conflicting reviews of the ABSN program.  People seem to like or hate it.  I was wondering if anyone would like to share their experience about the program.  



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I haven't been on any interviews yet either, I have my first one coming up in 3 days! I am really nervous too and don't know what to expect! 

Did you have yours already? If so how'd it go? Is there any advise you can give me? If you haven't gone on it yet then good luck and be confident! 

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