WCJC Spring 2021 ADN program

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Hey everyone! I wanted to start a forum for students that are applying to the WCJC 2021 Spring ADN program. If you applied too, what were your TEAS scores, and are you excited?! I am! And if any older students see this, what are the classes like? What's the schedule? Anything we should start studying for now? Any pointers? And if you paid for tuition, how much is it on a payment plan?


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Hi! Right now with Covid it is very different than what it should be so by next year, we should hopefully be in person. As of now, everything is online except for exams and assessments and lab days. A 16 week semester has been reduced to 8 weeks (lectures only) and by Spring we should be able to do our clinicals and lab check offs for level 2 and 3. When will you know if you got in?