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Ways of preparation

by RJ nurse RJ nurse (New) New

Hi everyone!!! I am an international nurse, preparing for nclex.I have hard time in deciding about how to prepare for nclex from côre content to mcqs or direct questions bcoz i donot have enough practical exposure!!

Plz help me??:unsure:


Has 8 years experience.

I am currently reviewing too while doing a full time job. Like you, I am an internationally educated Nurse, specifically from the Philippines. Previously, I have used NCSBN Learning EXT on my previous attempt last year. Right now, I have finally decided to enrol on Kaplan On Demand online review.

Clinical experience may or may not help you on being prepared for NCLEX so just don't worry about that. :) I am working in an Emergency Room here as ER Tech.

Good Luck and hoping you choose what the kind of review materials you need. Just try to browse some topics in the forum, it will surely help.